Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Special Post..

What I Love About You

I love the way you look at me,
Your eyes so bright and sparkling.
I love the way you kiss me,
Your lips so soft and smooth.

I love the way you make me so happy,
And the ways you show you care.
I love the way you say, "I Love You,"
And the way you're always there.

I love the way you touch me,
Always sending chills down my spine.
I love that you are with me,
And glad that you are mine.

I love you..<3

This Post is dedicated to you- My special ''friend''

A cool guy and a cute gurl..=P

There is only one happiness in life, which is to love and be loved.
- George Sand -

Love is like a mountain, hard to climb, but once you get to the top,the view is beautiful.
- Daniel Monroe Tuttle -

Saturday, August 30, 2008

MIFC 2008 Team Australia, Putrajaya

Hi readers.... It's been awhile since i last blogged.. Well guess im not in that mood that few days back..Anyway.. Went out with Dominic again to shoot the fireworks in Putrajaya.. It seems that i've missed quite a lot of action and drama from Team Spain's and Canada's performance.. Well.. its ok i guess and i believe Team Australia will not disappoint me with their final performance for this year..

Well.. Reached the Sentul KTM station at around 4.30pm with Yew Wei to meet Dom as he promised us nice space for shooting and Media passes for the night which entitled us for a free Buffet dinner in a restaurant in the PICC building.. Woohoo.. We were the media photographers for the night.. Wonderful.. But.. we need to get there as early as 5pm..

Some shots of the PICC building before the show..

PICC Building in Panoramic shot

Wide angle view

The Sunset and Pre-dawn scenes of Putrajaya..

Well.. after a romantic and beautiful sunset and pre-dawn moment there.. The night falls.. the light slowly fades and before long its totally dark..

Therefore.. We decided to try out some long exposure technique.. light sculpting and creative flash lightings using BULB exposures.. Thanks to all the sifus who shared their secrets with noobs like me.. Dom who was so sporting and ''photogenic'' decided to be my model for the night..

The end result... using BULB mode.. speedlight and mini torchlight..

He looks like a Playboy Rabbit huh??

Anyway.. the long awaited fireworks started around 10pm and to my delight it is nice.. better than Team China i could say.. It was a romantic night for couples who brought their partners.. Entertaining for young kids and Challenging for us as photographers to shoot the scene as the smoke is very thick and its tricky..

But in the end.. i managed a few shots which i am satisfied with.. but i am lazy to process and edit.. The below is my favourite shot of the day.. I hope you readers enjoyed.. =P

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday Wei Jun..

I dedicate this special post to my best friend or my brother from another mother and father- Chai Wei Jun..

A brief intro of the birthday boy:
  • He's a very good friend of mine.. ( dono how many years already??)
  • A trusted friend of mine
  • Always there to help when i need to
  • Always there to listen to my problems
  • Always the one i will call first if my computer clashes
  • Always teaches me things that i am not supposed to learn....
Characteristics of the birthday boy:
  • Friendly
  • Smart
  • Helpful
  • Kind
  • Playful
  • Horny
  • ''Naughty"
  • Beastly
Oh well.. so someone is turning 18 already la.. 1 year older already become big boy already la now?? ...Can do so many things already la?? But anyway.. I hope you had a fun night that day at Kim Gary's.. and liked the present we guys chosed for you... Be a good boy boy.. enjoy yr 18th birthday.. Don't be so horny and teach me wrong things..=P and lastly.. Friends forever!!..

The Happy Birthday Boy..

Ferng Lin, Wei Jun and Chan Loong

Gaying with the menu??

Wei Jun, Chan Loong and Me

Lovebirds of the night..
Joel and Wei Ping

Well.. those are the pics of those who attended the dinner at Kim Gary's.. and we actually bought J'CO's dough nuts as a substitute for Wei Jun's birthday cake..

Excited Birthday Boy..

The Birthday Boy and his share of Doughnut..

Serious Case..
Eat doughnut only wad.. no need so yeng gua??

And the pics below shows the process of the birthday boy and his bananas.. or so called '' Yak Jiu'' session.. Enjoy!!

Wei Jun: Tak boleh tahan la.. i wana open my present..
Chan Loong: hehe...*evil grins*!!

Wei Jun: Wah!!!.. Reebok wor..!!
Chan Loong: hehe.. wait till you open and look at the contents..*evil smiles*

Wei Jun: Why wrapped like rubbish?? .. but i still wana open it..

..And i found a banana..

And.. terpaksa ''Yak Jiu"..

Wei Jun : Another pack of rubbish that ressembles his hair..
Chan Loong : Im gonna kill you..

Chan Loong: Dai sei.. Talk more la...!!
Wei Jun: WTH?? I opened and found a banana..
..That looks like Chan Loong..

Wei Jun: But in the end.. I managed to find my watch...

Ok.. i guess the pic did told you the story.. i hope u guys enjoyed it too... And to bro Wei Jun.. Once again.. Happy 18th birthday..Love you as my bro and best friend... Take Care..

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Greetings to all.. Thank god its Friday and im so glad it is.. Actually Friday is a very fun day for me.. I just love Fridays so much cos its like the end of the weekdays.. and this leads to my much sought after weekend holiday breaks..and classes usually ends early on Fridays..=P..

Well.. this Friday is no normal usual Friday where i will just go home straight and rest after class or staying back at college with my friends. But this is a very very special Friday as im gonna meet up with a VIP..=P.. and her friends in a majestic shopping complex near my area..Wow!.. and this time im gonna bring my Canny+Tammy combination to shoot the whole outing..=P

Anyway, i managed to reach around 11am as that its the time my classes ended.. and met up with the VIP a.k.a Elizabeth and her friend Serene at the cinema counter to collect our pre-booked cinema tickets..After that i just tagged along with them searching for places to fill our empty stomaches as i did not have breakfast.. After deciding for god knows how long.. we just decided to stop at J'CO's dough nuts to have a simple light breakfast.. As usual, i picked up my cam and started shooting.

My model of the day - Serene..=P

After that we just met up with 2 more friends.. SookYee and Caleb.. and since everyone was complaining that they're hungry.. We just decided to go to Sushi King for brunch.. i passed my Canny to SookYee to play with as i was like too lazy to carry it already..=P - The shots below are all taken by her on the way to Sushi King

Not bad huh for the first timer.. =) At least better than me lah!!

As we reached Sushi King, we just sat and ordered our food and as its lunchtime. The food took quite awhile to arrive.. and during that time we camwhored..=P.. and for most of you.. its like so impossible to camwhore with a big DSLR .. and so, we just took turns playing and shooting each other.. The 2 gurls is like so jakun when i took out my remote control for my cam and i think they never seen a remote control before and took turns pressing and testing it..=P and from now on i will just let the pic do the taking as i am very very lazy to type already..=)

Well.. liked the pics huh.. and those are shot by me.. and for this pic the credit goes to SookYee who had this pic of the day taken..

We're Sushi King and Queen..=P
Me and the VIP- Elizabeth

Nice huh??.. We went for the movie after that and i don't think there is anything nice to shoot in the cinema except to test my camera's ISO performance.. =P.. but i did not do that as i was lazy to take out my gears.. And after the show.. my DSLR got kidnapped by the girls for camwhoring session in the toliet.. ... How sad huh??.. kena kidnap and forced to camwhore..=(

But then i like the pic.. it reminds me of Charlie's Angels..WOW!! all in blue some more..!!

And there are a couple of pictures of the 2 who liked being in pictures..=P

Wad is she trying to tell??

Anyway.. after that.. we stopped by at Waffle World for tea time before we split up to go home.. and the last batch of pics will tell you the story.. ok??.. Enjoy then..XD

Hungry ghosts of the 7th Lunar month

Smiling with a mouth full of yummy waffle.

Ok.. i think all the pics have already told u guys about the outing and also the low light performances of my Tammy 17-50 f2.8.. btw only some pics are taken using Speedlite 580ex.. the others are mostly natural lighting.. Ok.. I guess thats enough for today.. gotta run for a party..=P...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Black and White Portraits

Hi all.. as i said in my past post, i am getting poisoned by Black and White (B&W) or monotoned images.. Well at first i also thought B&W is a boring form of photography, but after looking at a traditional darkroom and the images it produced, i can say i am tempted..=P

Well.. these few days, i was busy searching pictures that i think can be converted and have the potential to be a B&W pic.. and i found 3 pics which i think and i feel that the effect of B&W is going to be perfect on them.. I guess you guys have already seen the original picture in color in the older posts and i am also lazy to repost them too and if u want to compare please look back at my older posts.. and lastly.. Enjoy my 1st noob generation of B&W pictures..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

One Day Trip to Ulu Langat

A boring Sunday... Called Dom early in the morning to confirm the time to meet him and about the trip to Ulu Langat.. I was actually like debating whether should i go or not.. And since everyone is busy today.. Then i went in the end as Uwei didn't wana follow.. Went to the KTM station alone in Subang and waited for like 1-2 hours for that stupid train to arrive.. WTH?.. wasting time right??.. and the stupid Malaysian government is like doing nothing but only encourage the people to take public transports instead of driving..

Well, after sitting in the crowded train for an hour i finally i reached Sentul KTM station where Dom and his gang was waiting for me there. pheww.. lucky i was on time if not sure kena screw 'backside' from Dom.. =P.. Met a new friendly fella there Edmund as he was our driver for the day and also a Sony Alpha user..=(

Well, we stopped by a waterfall first as Dom wanted to collect some aquatic plants and rocks for his aquarium.. I set up my tripod and screwed in my ND filter to get long exposures of the magical waterfalls..

My end results..=P

And also we spotted a few unusual insects around the waterfall area.. I changed my Macro lens and used a plate diffuser to snap some small insects.. I think i was the only one with macro lens..And i am happy with the results it produces outside..

XXX bugs..
( I think they deserve privacy =P)

A wet grasshopper ..

My macro shot of the day..

Well, we stayed there quite long.. and in the end we had no time to shoot the Orang Asli which is living in a settlement nearby as Dom suggested us to head to the Semenyih Dam to catch the sunset.. After another 30 minutes journey in the car we finally reached..

Till here then, i will let the pictures do the talking as i am too lazy to type already..