Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Portraits..Portraits and Portraits..

Haven't been shooting for the past few weeks and was determined to satisfy my hunger for portraits not portraits of those models or fashion shots but natural environmental portraits.. and this time.. I went back to the Island where i got my first fame- The photo taken from that island that has given me the fame.

And this time.. I went back with my buddy Littar.. According to him, he has been working in Kelang for so long but has not been to Pulau Ketam and so we planned this trip with a bunch of young and energetic photographers from a local Chinese photography forum..

Well, this trip has really satisfy my hunger for natural environment portraits already.. And to the guys out there.. Nice knowing you all ... Looking forward to more outing with you guys in the future.

My Works from that particular outing...
I know its impossible to obtain only 3 photos from an outing.. but pls be patient as more will come soon..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Haven't been updating my blog recently due to my busy schedule.. and many have been asking me to either delete this blog... Anyway.. I found some time to spare and i went over to Subang Lake to shoot some landscapes of the 1st light of the day.. This means the early morning sky and also the calm ambience of the lake itself..

Well, I set my alarm clock to ring at 6am and rushed on to that place with an empty stomach.. Took nearly an hour to reach, to scout for a location and also to set up.. and this is what i got....

Sigma 10-20mm lens set at 12mm
ISO 100, f14, 2 second exposure

I guess waking up early in the morning isn't a bad thing after all.. I guess im gonna frame this picture and hang it on the wall..