Tuesday, September 30, 2008

KL Bird Park

Went there yesterday with my friends Yew Wei, En Lin and Howard.. Met up a Nikon user which is also Howard's friend Zi Yin.. A cool guy with cool Nikkor glasses..*drool*.. The trip was fun as we went there during weekdays and also during Raya week so not much visitors except for a few foreign tourists.. Tried our luck at bird shooting but these birds there did not seem to cooperate with us.. they either just fly away or turned away and i ended up with most of my shots out of focus and blur.. i think i need a long telephoto lens with Image Stabilizer function.. Anyway, some of the pics seem good with minor editing and processing.. Love the bokeh (the out of focus baackground effect) of my trusty Tammy SP90 macro lens.. 1st time hearing people macro-ing birds huh??..

The pics from the outing.. More will come as i need time to process them.. =P
Proud and Arrogant Peacock

Peahen.. a female peacock..

Colorful Parrots..

Colors of Nature

Milky Stork

Crown Pigeon..

Monday, September 29, 2008

A random black and white shot of a parking lot in Petaling Street KL..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Street Portraiture

Just a few street portraiture to share with you guys... All these are shot from my previous outings in KL..

Traditional Indian Wedding


The Colors of Culture..



Wise Old Man

Friday, September 26, 2008

Gossip Event at Asia Cafe SS 15

Went and shot the event with Uwei and Howard in SS15.. This event is mainly about Preventing violence against women and help to prevent the spread of STD's through sex. Durex sponsored a whole lot of condoms to be given out..Many local artistes were also present for the event.. Anyway.. Went there and met up with Rodney, my college's Server Room manager and his bro from Inti University Nilai.. Managed to get hold of his brother- Donny's L lens.. The legendary 70-200 f.8 IS L USM.. That monster sinper weighs a whole of 2kg's and made my hands tired and aching..Well most of the pictures here are shot using the 70-200 and 17-55 lens..

Suki Performing for the Night

8TV host Gary Yap..

Another angle..

Wide angle..

Malaysian actress/singer - Serene


Cookie Monster Dance Group


Singing with Passion

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Managed to shot my sis's pets.. Hamsters... It was eventually given by her friend.. and we went to get it a companion or a girlfriend maybe..=P.. And now we have 2 hamsters..!!.. Anyway all the pics are shot using Tammy SP90 and creative lighting set ups...

Enjoy the cuteness of these cute creatures and feel free to comment too.. =P

Natural Lighting shot..

Feeding time..

Posing with My Food..

Yumm.. Yummm!!

Fat and Round

Squeezing Through...=P

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taylor's College MoonCake Festival Celebration 2008

Went and shot the event with Yew Wei and Howard.. Although we missed quite a few performances in the beginning but the event is not bad.. i would give it an 8/10 rating.. =P.. The magic and acrobatics performance from China rocks.. When will Metropolitan College have this kind of event??..=(

Anyway, as usual i will bring my Canny along to shoot the event.. Although no nice pics this round, but i found out the challenges and enjoyment of composing and shooting events using Prime lenses... The pics are mostly shot using Tammy SP 90mm Macro lens and my usual workhorse 50mm f1.8..

Pls enjoy the pics.. =P

Karate Kid..

This performance seriously rocks..


Portrait shot of the dancer..

Hula-Hoop Performance

Chinese Magician..

Friday, September 19, 2008

Girl Guide..

Shot this picture in SK USJ 12 few months back.. Just clearing my folders and thought it was a good idea to convert this pic to B&W.. Please feel free to comment..=P

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monotoned Landscape

Boring day today.. So, just tried to convert a pic i shot in Pulau Ketam few months back to Black and White.. For those interested to compare with the colored version, it is in my Pulau Ketam post..

Feel free to comment..

A Random Post

Nothing much to blog about except posting a few pictures i shot in KL from last week's outing with Wai Ye..

The color of Innocence



B&W version..

Liked those portraits..Special thanks to my beloved Tammy Lens for delivering such wonderful results..=P Signing off with a close up product shot of my Tammy..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Wishing all my readers a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival..

*Please don't stuff yourselves with too much yummy mooncakes.. =P

A pic to share.....


Monday, September 8, 2008


Went out to Sunway Pyramid again.. with 3 leng luis and 2 malat lou.. Well this time is like a gathering organized by Wan Shin for her friends Elizabeth and Pau Ching..Well since Qi Hong's going and he's also going off to Malacca to further his studies to become a pilot, i just decided to tag along and see him before he goes off.. He and Yew Wei are both friends of mine since primary school..

The outing went smoothly and pretty fine until we went for a movie - Money Not Enough 2 ... The show was pretty funny and touching in the end.. Everything went on fine until... I LOST MY PHONE.. wth??.. i don't even know how it went missing till the show ended.. and everyone was like so busy helping me looking for it.. but we couldn't find as i believed the person swtched off my phone.. Sad rite?? but im ok with it as my phone is kinda old already and maybe its time for a new phone i guess!.and come to think of it as he did not took my Canny which would cost me more..

Anyway thanks to you guys for helping me to find the phone i appreciate yr effort although we failed to locate the phone.. Well.. the pics of the day after some camwhoring session..

Finally the 2 best pics of the day.. Enjoy..=P



P/S: My phone number still remain the same... Please do give me yr contact number.. Thanks