Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Of 2008

Hi all.. today's like the last day of 2008 and in another few hours time.. The New Year 2009 is coming.. Well.. this year's been kinda fun for me.. Although there are ups and downs.. But i enjoyed this year till the max.. Many good things happened and also not forgetting the bad and unwanted happenings.. And this year has been special for me as i had started going into DSLR photography.. I got my first camera which is an EOS 400d early March.. and i do remember the times i screwed up my vacation pictures when i forgotten or didn't know how to use a DSLR properly..But i was lucky as i met many pro photographers and sifus who are willing to guide and teach me the art of photography.. and also not forgetting to poison me as well and also my well respected sifu - Mr Zamrud.. he is the one who taught me the art of post processing or PP to enhance the pictures.. To all of you who has guided me in photography.. I would like to say thank you... It was a pleasure knowing you guys.. and it was nice of you all to teach a noob like me.. =D

Anyway.. These are the 10 best pics I have shot during this year and personally liked.. Hope you guys do enjoy..

Alright.. These are my 10 best pictures which i have selected after going through my collections.. and also.. not to forget the person who has given me a very sweet memory of 2008.. Thank you for all you've done for me and given me.. I love you.. and not to forget to wish you Happy 5th Month Anniversary in advance.. <3

Before I end my post.. I would like to wish my readers.. friends and families a very Happy New Year 2009.. May the new year bring happiness to your lives..

Happy New Year...

Its In The Eyes..

Indoor Portraiture..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jason's 1 Year Old Birthday Event Shot

Received a phone call from my sifu last week asking me to shoot his friend's son's birthday party.. And of course.. I couldn't believe my ears when i heard that.. and i agreed on the spot.. Yesterday.. we met up at Mid Valley and then went to The Gardens where the party was held.. The host and hostess were friendly and I have no fears working and shooting for them.. and the birthday boy - Jason.. Was an energetic and cute little baby.. Although it was tough to work with him as there were times when he didn't want to cooperate and started crying.. But in the end of the day.. It was still fun and i enjoyed the shoot..

In the end.. I want to thank my respected sifu for inviting me to join him on this shoot.. and also the baby's parents' - Ms Wendy and her Husband for allowing us to shoot this memorable event..

The pictures from the feel free to comment.. =D

Monday, December 22, 2008


KL Old Railway Station Model Shooting

Another successful photo outing organized by an experienced photographer Master Zamrud.. It's said to be the biggest of all 2008 photo outings when 40 forum members turned up for that event.. It is said to be a street and heritage shoot when someone brought along a model... and in the end most of us portraiture lovers started shooting the model.. As for me .. i shot the model and also tons of street scenes.. and i think my model pics don't look that great anymore.. =P.. In the end I must say this is a very interesting and the best outing that i attended so far... Thanks to my 'sifu' - Master Zamrud for organizing this event.. and to all of those who had turned up.. it was a pleasure meeting all of you there.. and to our model for the day- Gen.. Thank you for willing to allow us to photo shoot you..

The pics from the day..


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Elephant Portrait

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beautiful Langkawi

Just a short post to keep my blog alive.. and for all of you to enjoy the calmness and serenity of the landscape shots from Langkawi.. Enjoy..=D

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monsoon Cup 2008 (Part 1)

Hi all...sorry for the lack of updates recently as i was away for the past few weeks... Just came back from Langkawi 2 days ago and im like so tired to sort out my pictures and blog.. Well.. i guess i will start with my pictures from Terengganu.. This time i went back to my hometown not only to visit my uncle and relatives but to shoot one of the world's richest sailing event - Monsoon Cup.. (

This mission is tough as it's raining almost everyday due to the monsoon season which hits the east coast states.. But then, the day is nice and sunny on the race day.. and i managed to get on board with the skippers.. with the help of Joseph which is a TV news broadcaster from France.. After all the safety procedures are done we were sent up on deck by an English boatman.. I happened to went up to Team Malaysia's yacht and it is the only team led by a female leader...

The ride was fun and the crew was friendly.. As they were busy fighting the tides and waves.. i was busy snapping away.. and ended up with some seawater splashing on my camera..gosh.... I was amazed by their teamwork and the team leader - Nurul Ain.. They are able to coordinate so well with their teammates and the team fighting spirit really amazed me..

Next.. the pictures will do the talking..Most of these batch are action shots and i promise you all more will come on my next update.. =D

Sunday, December 7, 2008