Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Winning Entry...

It made my day once again... I was announced as the winner for October 2008 Monthly Photo Challenge, With the theme "Our Vanishing Herritage" in B&W.. It was a monthly photo contest held by

The voting results..

# 01. The Winning Pic..
( Traditional Ear De-waxing)

Again.. Thanks to all who had voted for my pic.. I wouldn't have made it through without you guys.. Once again a big thank you to all of you who had supported me all these while... and also congrats to the person who had won this month's photo challenge but from the color category

And to those who had not won any competitions before.. I strongly support you to join the monthly competitions which is held by photo forums such as and also The prices may seem un-tempting for most of you.. but it is a way of showing yourself what have you achieved throughout the time you've started to learn about photography..and also where do your photo taking standards stand.. So join now and win some rights to brag... =P

Read up more about the competition at:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Processing Towards Perfection..

Wassup readers... I know i haven't been blogging for the past few weeks.. kinda busy with exams and assignments.. and oh yea.. my final exams are due next week... and I am still here busy playing with Photoshop Post Processing (PP).. Well.. I started PP-ing my photos ever since i met Master Zamrud from an outing organised my fellow Shutterasia members.. And to be honest.. I never liked PP-ing photos of models as those pimples.. wrinkles.. etc can make my life miserable... and in the end the final output sucks.. People mostly say my skin tones are uneven.. blotching.. 'overcooked'.. etc..

But then.. I just discovered a new and fast technique of PP-ing my model pictures.... The fastest and easiest way to eliminate the inperfections of the face... Saves me alot of time... and most importantly.. it does the job naturally without destroying the natural texture of the human skin.. and after that.. all i need is some time to dodge and burn my pics in Photoshop..

Cut the story short... These are the effects of my works... Although i do not shoot models anymore.. but then those pics i shot before can be tested for this purpose..

Model 1



Model 2 : ( I guess most of you know who she is.. =P)



Well.. liked the effects... interested ones can just buzz me in msn or send me an email.. i am willing to share... =P

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If Only I Could Walk........

Old lady on wheelchair shot in Sunway Pyramid..

Sunday, November 2, 2008

90 Days or 3 Months..

I still remembered the days when you and I are still friends..
And right now..
3 months had passed just like this..
I love the happy and sad moments we shared together...
The times we had fun..
The times we both burst into tears...
The times when we both laughed our heads off..
And also..
The times when u slowly whispered the 3 magic words into my ears...
You're there for me when I am sad..
You're the one who stayed up late to keep me company during sleepless nights..
And yet..
You're the one keep on giving all you can..
You're the one who's shedding tears all the time..
You're the one who's feeling sad every time we fight...
Thank You for all you've done..
I know you're the best....<3

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Innocent Expression..

A Smile From Iran..

Iranian Girl shot in Sunway Lagoon..


Went out with Elizabeth last Wednesday.. Kinda fun outing as i get to poison her into getting a DSLR... Went to places with nice scenery and taught her the basics of DSLR photography.. Basic things such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure.. and many more... Overall, this gurl is a fast learner and soon to be pro when she gets her DSLR.. =

The pics of the day without any Post Processing, Shot with my plastic 50mm toy lens.. =P

Portraiture shot by me!!

Shot by her.. =P
( P/S : Ignore the scribbles on the pillar)