Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Faces Of Pulau Ketam ( Part 4)

Hi people.. finally.. Its done!! =P.. My PP work is already done for The Faces Of Pulau Ketam series, and im so happy.. Anyway, this is the last post of my shots and PP work on the entire Pulau Ketam series.. And later.. im flying off to the east cost for my holidays in Terengganu and Kota Bahru, Kelantan.. Woohoo,.. More pics coming i guess.. =P

Here are the posts for today.. Enjoy!! and i Won't be blogging till i come back...=D

Ear Waxing service..

An old Malay bread seller

The marketplace


Future engineer..=P


Hey.. what are u shooting??.. Privacy lah!!
( He must be thinking what this stupid fella is trying to shoot =D)

Innocent Eyes..

Ok.. i think this is all.. i hope you liked the pictures.. Feel free to comment on them yea.. And oh yea,.. The 'pro' people who went to Pulau Ketam with me.. Some pics to share.. =P

The pros..
( Dominic, Stan, Steven, Wai Ye, and Me )

Oops.. we forgot one more.. =P
( Stan, Dom, Wan Yee ''Dom's wife'', Steven and Myself )

So.. i hope you people enjoyed the pics.. i will be back with more pictures from the East Coast of Malaysia to share. From now.. See ya people.. =)

Landscapes Of Pulau Ketam

Wow.. i think i am bored of doing PP work for portrait shots on the people of Pulau Ketam.. =P.. Well,. something different for today.. Landscape shots.. =D. Long time since i last shot a landscape picture.. Anyway.. feel free to comment and on the meantime enjoy the pictures..

The Jetty..

On the way..
( Shot from the ferry)

Fish Farm...

When we reached there.. The weather was so nice.. The sky was cloudy and blue in color..

Pulau Ketam.

The Jetty in Pulau Ketam


Fishing Vessels parked in a line..

Wide angle view..

A boat...

The last 2 shots of the sunset before we left the island..

Low Tide..


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Faces Of Pulau Ketam ( Part 3)

PP work is seriously tiring and killing and so damm time consuming.. I've only came out with 4 more new pictures for today =( .. Gosh.. Anyone good in PP can help me do the work?? .. =D

Anyway.. these are the 4 more pics that i've covered today..

A Happy Japanese Tourist

Hardworking Butcher.. ( noticed the sweat on his face)

Smile for the camera.. =D

Best Friends
(White and Black)

Dinner Time ..

Shot this pic just now during dinner time as my aunt came along with her two kids.. =P

Cute eh??

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gavel Club's Installation Dinner 2008

Attended this dinner.. not as a photographer.. but as a guest.. as i let my partner/friend Justin to take up the honoured job of the night.. Well, basically i could not keep my hands off the cam and eyes out of the viewfinder and i snapped a few pics also.. just a few.. =P

The pics of the night.. credits to Justin

The Gaveliers' Group Photo

Happy People of the night

The Seniors
Yeh Vin, Swea Phin and Swea Ching

Guan Sheng

The young and handsome Yeh Vin

The 'Lucky' Winner
Ai Vee and Min Xian

Group Photo..=D

Last but not least..

Me ( Off-Dutied Photographer) and Elizabeth

The Faces Of Pulau Ketam ( Part 2)

Hi all.. managed to edit a few more of the pics i took in Pulau Ketam which i went last week.. The process of PP-ing is kinda slow this few days as im busy.. =D

Enjoy the pics people.. and feel free to comment =P

A fishermen near the jetty.


Im waiting.. all alone..

Barber at work..

The streets of Pulau Ketam

That's all for today.. Part 3 will come when i am free to do the PP-work..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Faces Of Pulau Ketam

Went Pulau Ketam with some of my friends yesterday.. More pictures will come. Anyway, it was a really fun trip..=D

Well, after taking all the shots yesterday, i plan to edit them and compile into a book or my portfolio..

Here's the 1st pic i edited and it might be my front cover..=D

Friday, July 25, 2008

Post Processing (PP)

After being taught by Mr Zamrud, i dug up my folders and found a pic of my classmate.

The original pic looks dull and lack 'ummph' or the 'WOW' factor.. boring right??

Well.. After trying the recipe my sifu gave me..

Magic right??.. feel free to comment people..=D

Faces Of KL

Went out with a few photo kakis to Orchid Park yesterday. After the others left.. Followed 2 guys Mr Zamrud and Fariz to KL Central Market for street shooting.. After that, went to Mr Zamrud's house in Sungai Long and he thought me how to do PP (post -processing for the photos). Reached home around 10 and wad too tired to do anything.. Anyway, tried the technique Mr Zam taught me on the 2 pics which i think was the best..

Anyway,.. there are more to come. Will update soon when i am more free to do PP work.. Special thanks to Mr Zamrud for teaching me PP and Fariz for the drinks.. =P

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunway Pyramid

Went to Sunway Pyramid today, not for shopping but to meet up with my 'sifu' Mr Liew as he happened to be in Subang.. Lol.. lucky went there just to meet him as i only brought 5 bucks for my bus fare only.. After learning his skills and chit chatting in Starbucks, two of us got bored and went around Sunway Pyramid shooting.. This is the 1st time im walking around the shopping complex without shopping bags but with my Canny..=P

The results...

The majestic Lion head..

The main entrance

Asian Avenue.. The interior

The master in action..

After that, we walked and reached the hotel area.

Sunway Hotel..

Lagoon Theme Park

Outdoor Theme Park