Saturday, June 6, 2009

Haven't been updating my blog recently due to my busy schedule.. and many have been asking me to either delete this blog... Anyway.. I found some time to spare and i went over to Subang Lake to shoot some landscapes of the 1st light of the day.. This means the early morning sky and also the calm ambience of the lake itself..

Well, I set my alarm clock to ring at 6am and rushed on to that place with an empty stomach.. Took nearly an hour to reach, to scout for a location and also to set up.. and this is what i got....

Sigma 10-20mm lens set at 12mm
ISO 100, f14, 2 second exposure

I guess waking up early in the morning isn't a bad thing after all.. I guess im gonna frame this picture and hang it on the wall..

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林枫的世界 said...

l like it. i oso bought a wide angel last month, canon 10-22. wil try again at Broga Hill with this lense.